Then There Were Three

It was only supposed to happen one time. We spent months, it felt like, talking about it. If that’s not … More

Lake Deception

I met a stripper in five points, ended up going home with her-wise choices, I know. It’s a miracle I … More

Mom or friend?

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Sadly, I lost my virginity due to trying to make Her jealous. In my sick, twisted mind I thought that if she … More

Her Part 2

No matter what mom did to try to keep me away from her or how badly this girl treated me, … More

Psych Ward

A little over a week before my 18th birthday, mom and I had gotten into it again and I was … More

Downward Spiral

The months following the death of my dad and papa went by in a blur. I was in autopilot. I … More


Within a month of losing my dad, I lost the most influential man in my life-my Papa. I was truly … More