Pine Cones


Before we added on to my house and cut the pine trees down, we had six (I think?)-SIX!! Anyways, that is A LOT of pine trees. And a lot of pine trees means a lot of pine cones.

Every time dad got ready to cut the grass, Jamie and I had to go outside and pick up pine cones. Seriously? I hated it. I never understood why dad just couldn’t cut them up with the lawn mower. They hurt my hands and it literally felt like it took an eternity picking them up. I always felt like he was just making us do his dirty work because he’d rather be lazy. I mean for pete sake, the man was cutting our grass with a riding lawn mower when our yard was really not all that big.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was that he was attempting to build my character. He may have not gone about it the right way but I believe his intentions and heart were in the right place.

Sometimes in life, there are things we have to do that we don’t necessarily want to do. For instance, not many people want to pay bills but they have to. Not many people want to get up every day and work a nine-to-five job just to pay the bills, but the bills have to be paid nonetheless.

What I have learned from my share of pine cone pick-ups is this: some things are worth working for.

That twenty dollars I got after picking up those pine cones was the most appreciated twenty dollars I received as a child-because I worked for it. That twenty dollars wasn’t just handed to me because I asked for it-therefore it meant more to me.

You can bet your sweet behind that i’m glad I no longer have to pick up those pine cones, but I’m so thankful for the lesson I can now appreciate.


Dear Lord, boy am I quick to get negative about something I don’t feel like doing. But it’s not about me, it’s about You and Your glory and Your kingdom. Help me to be more open minded and watchful of the blessings You are trying to give me. Often times it is in the things we never think we’ll be blessed by, that we are blessed the most. Allow me to come to You with more thanksgiving and praise. In Your name I pray, Amen!



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