First Love


Good ol’ middle school love. Those three years were already awkward enough without mixing crushes and dating on to the scene.

I don’t even remember how we met since he was in eighth grade and I was in seventh. MySpace was the thing to be on then, so I do remember him asking me out over that. I remember putting “Yes!!!!” only to have my friends say I was being overly excited.

This guy was cute, charming, a real gentleman. He would open doors for me, never took things past a peck on the cheek (which in middle school is more than enough!!!) and always treated me like such a lady. He really was way beyond his years when it came to treating girls-his parents definitely did a good job there!

I was smitten over him. Had feelings I never had. I can’t, to this day, even explain it. This one time I was sick-I had been laying up on the couch all day chugging ginger ale when he called me (back when guys still did that sort of thing) and asked me to the movies. I said yes because obviously I wanted to go despite not feeling well. Y’all, when he held my hand in the movies I was literally shaking I was so nervous. I prayed to God he couldn’t feel me. How embarrassing but I was just head over heels for him.

He ended up breaking up with me on field day because he was going to high school. Which was totally fine, I understood that. I would’ve probably done the same thing if I were in his shoes. I’m glad he got to go to high school and figure himself out and was really able to have all of his doors open. Of course I was devastated at the time, completely heartbroken. But he’s always allowed me, somewhere deep down, to know that real gentlemen are out there.


Dear Lord, we so desparately need Your love. I pray for these middle schoolers today who are dating. I pray for boundaries. I pray for parents’ involvment and moinotring. I pray that they know or find you. I pray they aren’t taken advatnage of. I pray for postiive role models in their life who point them to You. Middle school is, hands down, the most awkard stage of life and our kids need You to help walk them through it. In Your name I pray, Amen!


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  1. Steph, your prayer is so real. That is the most awkward time for kids, not a child anymore, but not yet grown up. I’m not too old that I don’t remember. I’m loving your blog!

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