The night I met her my life turned completely upside down. I was a totally different person-and not in a good kind of way. It was the first night I had ever missed curfew. The first night I didn’t care that my friends who were with me were ready to go home. Nothing mattered but her. 

I’m definitely not placing all the blame on her-I made my own decisions and chose to do the things I did. 

I’m not sure what it was about her though that I allowed myself to completely become someone I never wanted to be. I stopped listening to my mom, didn’t care anything about following her rules, and certainly wasn’t getting along with her. Where as before, mom and I were really close. Anything she asked of me, I did. 

The girl wasn’t even nice to me. She talked down to me, lied to me, was never faithful. Oh, but she could tell me what I wanted to hear for sure. Promises of the future, all these big plans and ideas, whatever it took to keep me around. 

Mom could see right through her. So, of course, she didn’t want me seeing her. At the time I had no idea she really did have my best interest at heart. I just thought she didn’t like the girl so she was doing anything and everything in her power to keep me away from her. 
I was constantly getting my phone and my car taken away. Mom even sold my first car. She was hardcore trying to get me to see what she saw but I’m just one stubborn behind when it comes to learning things the hard way and on my own. 

I was bound and determined to “make it work” because so many people were against it. It took me about five years to really be done with her and to cut her out of my life. 
Dear Lord, I’m thankful for the life experiences I got through those treacherous five years. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. Even though I didn’t acknowledge your presence then, looking back I definitely see you there. Thank You for Your unchanging ways. You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In Your name I pray, Amen! 



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