Spring Break


I believe it was my sophomore year of high school when a group of us went to the beach for spring break. I drove down along with three other cars full.  One of the moms rented a condo for all of us.

Anytime this certain crowd got together, there was ALWAYS drama. This girl and I were dating (if you could call it that), but she wasn’t ever just committed to me. About mid way through the week, she was all of a sudden sleeping with one of the guys there. I was pissed, of course, as anybody would be. But I just tried to down play it and act like it didn’t bother me. I started hanging out with some of the other girls there. There were way more girls than there were boys and there was three or four couples. All of a sudden, the chick that I was supposed to be with started getting all jealous about me hanging out with other people that were on the beach trip with us. She showed her behind and made this huge scene. But I just tried to ignore her.

Anytime there is alcohol involved, things are automatically more dramatic than they really are.

One of the nights there, this couple started hardcore fighting. The dude lost his cookies and was trying to get violent with his girlfriend. He was breaking things in the condo and they were screaming. The neighbors ended up calling the cops. The dude jumped off the balcony and ended up getting arrested. I was for sure thinking that the rest of us were going to get in some type of trouble. There was a bunch of underage drinking (myself included), a bunch of drug stuff going down, just not a good place for the cops to be getting called to.

A few of us hid under the bed, some of us pretended to be asleep, and then two of us acted like we had been in the shower. Miraculously, the dude that jumped off the balcony was the only one that got in any trouble. How the rest of us managed not to get anything more than a noise warning was a miracle.

That whole situation with the cops and the drama that was going on between everybody just put a damper on my “vacation” so I was ready to go home. I was hoping my girlfriend had had enough, too, but she wanted to stay with her new boy toy. So, I decided I was leaving. The bad part was, I had already spent all of my money and mom hadn’t wanted me to go in the first place so it was hard asking her for money. Plus, the people that rode with me were supposed to give me gas money, but didn’t. It was just a mumbled jumbled mess. Mom being mom eventually transferred me some money because she wasn’t going to leave me stranded.

Long story short, the people I was hanging out with weren’t really my friends. They pretended to be to use whatever I gave them, but if they weren’t getting something out of it, I was no use. I wish I could say after this beach trip that I saw them for who they were, and a part of me did, but I ignored it and I didn’t stop being friends with them. By the end of the week when they had gotten back into town, we were all hanging out again. I was even dating the girl again! Crazy, I know, right?!!

This cycle went on for quite a while-too long, for sure! But I am a very stubborn person and like to prove people wrong. I couldn’t be “done” with people because other people said I needed to be. I actually had to be done with them for myself.

Looking back now, I could beat myself up for putting up with certain things. And for those of you who were close to me and could see all of this going on, oh how frustrated you must’ve been. But those of you who are just getting a glimpse, bear with me. It was for sure a long and bumpy road, but the lessons I learned along the way are irreplaceable.


Dear Lord, I know people are placed in our lives for a reason. We might not ever know the reason this side of eternity, but I’m thankful for the lessons and impacts each person in my life has brought. I pray that the people I do cross paths with now see Your glory and that I can impact them in just the slightest of ways. Place in my path, O God, people who need You. Allow me to be a vessel to bring Your glory! Help me shine my light-Your light within me. In Your name I pray, Amen! 


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