Within a month of losing my dad, I lost the most influential man in my life-my Papa. I was truly the apple of his eye. When I was younger and in daycare (before Jamie came along), my papa used to come on his lunch breaks to the daycare and just watch me through the glass. He never let me see him or anything like that, but if he didn’t come those ladies at the daycare were quick to ask mom if everything was alright.

I used to drive him over to Jaco’s (The Corner) every once in a while and in return he’d buy me a hotdog basket, a pepsi and give me some gas money-couldn’t beat that. One of those days we were sitting at a stop light as he lifted his hands up to the sunlight and said, “when the sun hits my hands a certain way, I can see them.” Um….thank goodness I was driving that day! He had had cataract surgery and during the procedure they dropped them back into his eye, causing him to go practically blind. But, he was not going to give up his right at driving.

I used to love summer afternoons going swimming at their house. Most of the time he would just lay out or mess around with cleaning up the pool. We might not have said more than two words to one another but there was just something about spending time with him.

Sunday afternoons at Grandma and Papa’s house was the place to be. Everybody would come over for dinner and if it was warm outside, we’d swim. After dinner, Papa and my uncle Larry would get out their guitars and play and sing while we all sat around and listened and conversed some. Usually there was always a heated “discussion” which made for a great story later.

My papa wasn’t perfect by any means. He was quite a simple man, but he taught me the meaning of family. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


Dear Lord, I am extremely thankful for the people you have placed in my life and the family you chose for me. It might not always be easy, but there are people in my family who may or may not know You. Give me the strength and the courage to share the Gospel with them so that they might come to know You like I know you. Place on my heart those who need to hear about You. In Your name I pray, Amen!


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  1. Steph, you were the apple of your Papa’s eye. He would be so proud of the young woman & mother you have become. He was a favorite of mine, too. I considered him a brother of my heart & so did your Uncle Charlie. A more generous, hospitable man could not be found.

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