Mom or friend?

When my dad left, mom didn’t really know where she fit into the equation when it came to being a single parent. She all of a sudden started becoming my best friend. She let me cuss, do more grown-up things, let me in on her conversations-just things I probably shouldn’t have been doing or been a part of.

But, I thought my mom was being cool when she was my friend. All of my friends thought she was the “cool mom” which made me cool, too! When I didn’t like her was when she would all of a sudden decide she needed to be a parent. Whoa! Where did that come from?

Once she crossed the line of being my friend at that age (middle school), it was hard to go back and be the mom. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I needed my mom then, not a friend. She did, indeed, come through as my mom when she needed to be and I really enjoyed being friends, but it’s so much easier being friends now when she doesn’t have to be mom (even though she will always be mom-you get my point).

I really think the whole crossing the line too early business really made our relationship a lot more rocky than it needed to be-especially during my rebellious years. It just made things a lot more complicated than they needed to be.


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