Then There Were Three

It was only supposed to happen one time..png

It was only supposed to happen one time. We spent months, it felt like, talking about it. If that’s not a turn off I don’t know what is, but I guess it’s not one of those things that just randomly happens.

It was a disaster waiting to happen. This couple of nine years, NINE, approached me about a threesome. At first I thought they were just entertaining the thought without the intent of actually going through with it. Maybe thats why I played along or maybe I knew they’d end up following through but I just knew it was one of those situations that would NEVER work out. Plus, I find unavailable very appealing apparently.

I say this couple approached me. They weren’t random people off the street. (Even though, considering my history, that wouldn’t be that big of a shocker). We knew of each other. Even though they were a few years older than me, we did go to high school together. Plus, I worked with the girl. That’s where everything was discussed mainly. And if you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, you know everybody that works there knows or finds out everything.

Again, I say this couple approached me. It really wasn’t a united front thing. It was blatantly obvious the the girl wasn’t all in but the guy really wanted it to happen. That’s why we talked about it so much. She basically had to be talked into it.

I didn’t know, at the time, their whole relationship story. Obviously, anybody together  for that long was going to have problems-ups and downs. I just assumed their relationship needed some spicing up in the bedroom. It would happen one time, they’d be rekindled in whatever they were lacking and that would be that. But, that wasn’t how things played out at all! Instead, it ended up the three of us being in a full blown relationship-as if a normal relation isn’t hard enough!
Dear Lord, I should be well aware by now that when we follow our own desires over Your desires for us, things tend to get rocky-way rockier than they ever needed to be. I’m so thankful for Your unending grace and mercy. I’ve turned away time and time again, but You are always there to welcome me back. You gave us the commandments to help keep us safe from unnecessary heartache. Help me to view those as safety nets rather than rules I have to follow. You aren’t an unbearable God, You just want to keep us safe. And when I do stray, help lead me back to You! In Your name I pray, Amen! 


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